• 2300 Americanís go missing every day (one slide by itself)

  • The First 3 hours are most critical when trying to locate a missing person.

  • One in Three teens on the street will be lured toward prostitution within 48 hours of missing.


Committee for Missing Children

"Thomas Lauth, an investigator who specializes in missing children and adults, has been one of the most reliable and imaginative investigators we have found to date. Mr. Lauth's experience with our organization has proven to be invaluable in the locating of abductors and bringing children and adults home."



"At a highly emotional time, I found the contact with Mr. Lauth to be quite reassuring. His experience in investigations of missing persons is quite impressive, and without pressure he recommended that I petition the civil court for an emergency evaluation of my son. My son was located a day later."


From NCMA, Thank you

"Since 1994, our organization has only referred Thomas Lauth to families seeking the assistance of a Private Investigator. He has proven himself to be very reputable and successful at the cases we refer to him. Mr. Lauth credentials indicate that he has a high success rate at locating individuals and we have also found this to be true." (this organization is closed please contact the former CEO, Kym Pasqualini at www.missingmediasolutions.com

Dear Families

No family should have to go though the sudden horrific reality of having a missing loved one. In an instant, your family is dealing with emotions and realities it is simply not prepared to face. This crisis occurs without notice or cause and sometimes may traumatize a family for years. And, unless there is an immediate and effective proactive investigation from your local or federal authorities, it can put the lives of those you love in instant danger.

My name is Thomas Lauth, and I promise that my team can provide your family immediate help and investigation experience. Our team has 20 years of field experience in locating your missing adult, missing child, missing relative or missing family member.

And, I retain a 85% solve rate in all my missing person cases. That makes me one of your familyís best options for finding your missing son or daughter and bringing them home safely.

In many years of working with families of missing persons, Iíve heard hundreds of stories just like yours. Hereís what they say:

  • "I'm exhausted from asking the same people the same information about my loved one, and the missing persons experts are not providing answers."
  • "The police and investigators havenít even filed an official police report."
  • "The local law enforcement has run out of leads for our missing daughter."
  • "The police hasn't filed our loved one as a missing endangered adult with NCMEC, NAMUS, or NCIC."
  • "They didn't even check with local hospitals and social service agencies as a first step to solving our case."
  • "The news media is all but ignoring our missing loved one's story. No one is even sharing it on social media any more."
  • "The police haven't responded to our calls for months."
  • "We've been searching for months (or years) and the police donít care about the case any more."
  • "The missing persons media such as CNN, HLN-Nancy Grace, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and local news affiliates havenít responded to our numerous requests for media attention."
  • "The investigation firms we've tried just don't specialize in missing persons."
  • "The local law enforcement just doesn't have the personnel resources to spend the time it takes on our missing persons case."

Since 1995, I have been working with families like yours to gather the information that will bring your loved one home. Itís a process that requires long hours, extensive travel, and creative ways of gathering information. As the head investigator on your missing personís case, I can promise you data driven, social media and field investigation advocacy for your loved one.

Please feel free to conduct proper vetting of myself on my website or contact our office. 800-889-FIND.


  • 115 children were victim of stereotypical kidnapping.
  • 2300 Americanís go missing every day.
  • every 40 second a child goes missing.
  • first 3 hours are most critical when trying to locate a missing person.
  • NCIC reported in 2013 33,849 juveniles missing.
  • A pimp can make $150,000-$200,000 per child each year and the average pimp has 4 to 6 girls.
  • One in three teens on the street will be lured toward prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.


  • * 20 years of Missing Persons Experience
  • * 85% Success rate
  • * Casework in over 100 cities
  • * Casework in Missing Adults & Children

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Social Media: A New Tool for Finding the Lost

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