Keep Hope

Investigator Thomas Lauth, has 21 years experience in missing persons investigations. As a privately contracted missing persons investigator, Mr. Lauth works exclusively on missing adults, missing children, abducted children, runaway teens and human trafficking casework. There are few missing persons experts/investigators who work in the field on behalf of families and offer quick strategic solutions, consulting, and field logistics nationwide. In addition, capable of quickly analyzing investigations into their proper theories such as human trafficking, missing persons, foul play, and runaway so to eliminate unnecessary labor.

  • 20 years of Missing Persons Experience
  • 85% Success Rate
  • Worked in over 100 cities Nationwide
  • Casework in Missing Adults-Missing Children
  • For nearly 20 years conducting missing persons investigations has been my investigations focused skillset. As an expert in missing persons, I work closely with families, Federal and State law enforcement agencies, outreach organizations and media and missing person organizations.

    My goal is to create a successful public awareness network avoiding massive flyer distribution but focusing on carefully selected logistical areas and ground sources that can help each family through this time of crisis.

    In addition, I believe that crucial media exposure is critical in creating awareness. Simply, the more exposure of your loved one to various agencies and the public, the increased opportunities of leads and the public coming forward with information.

    Without question, all missing persons investigations derive a different theory and strategy approach, and I assure each of my clients that the case of their missing loved one will be conducted with a unique search methodology, apart from other professionals and my previous cases.



    "Thomas Lauth, an investigator who specializes in missing children and adults, has been one of the most reliable and imaginative investigators we have found to date. Mr. Lauth's experience with our organization has proven to be invaluable in the locating of abductors and bringing children and adults home."


    "At a highly emotional time, I found the contact with Mr. Lauth to be quite reassuring. His experience in investigations of missing persons is quite impressive, and without pressure he recommended that I petition the civil court for an emergency evaluation of my son. My son was located a day later."


    "Since 1994, our organization has only referred Thomas Lauth to families seeking the assistance of a Private Investigator. He has proven himself to be very reputable and successful at the cases we refer to him. Mr. Lauth credentials indicate that he has a high success rate at locating individuals and we have also found this to be true."