As an expert in missing persons, I work closely with families, Federal and State law enforcement agencies, outreach, media and missing person organizations.Throughout the process, my approach is a collaborative effort between myself, the various organizations who were previously involved as well as currently involved in your case. My goal is to create a successful public awareness network bypassing massive flyer distribution, and in contrast focusing on carefully selected logistical areas and ground sources that can help each family through this time of crisis.

In addition, I believe that crucial media exposure is critical in creating awareness. The more exposure; the better chances someone may come forward with information that could benefit the investigation. As part of my strategy, I will pursue extensive media exposure. Combine that with local and print media, and the outreach and exposure significantly grows thus increasing the chances of awareness and success.Many law enforcement agencies react to missing persons cases when the profile of the missing fits perfectly for a flashy media release, or, they react as things occur in real time. In my 20 years experience of investigations of missing endangered children and adults, the best investigation tactic of being constant proactive and diligent has brought about success in my cases. In conclusion, my geographic areas of work cover throughout the United States Canada and Mexico. Many of my cases have involved international travel including South and Central America.

Cities throughout the US I have conducted missing persons investigations have included Boston, Massachusetts; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; New York City, New York; Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; San Francisco, California; Wichita, Kansas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Baltimore, Maryland; Miami, Florida; Houston, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Oakland, California; Nashville, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; Los Angeles, San Diego, California; Greenville, North Carolina and Brownsville, Texas, Arcata, CA, San Francisco, California; Eureka, California; Las Vegas, Nevada, and many others in the past twenty years. There are few experts in this field outside of law enforcement who work every day in locating missing persons.

Without question, all missing persons investigations derive a different theory and strategy approach, and I assure each of my clients that the case of their missing loved one will be conducted with a unique search methodology, apart from other professionals and my previous cases.



~To Thomas Lauth:
"As Tom had predicted, my son was located a day later and was brought to the Hospital in very bad shape. Clearly traumatized by the ordeal, my son offered enough information to conclude that he was being coerced and controlled by others as a prostitute. I am convinced that without this intervention, my son was at extreme risk for death, or trafficked to other major cities around the world. I will never forget the service provided to my family by Thomas Lauth and his genuine concern for my son.
Liz, the mother of Brondon
~To Thomas Lauth:
"Tom is an absolute gem. I strongly recommend him to anyone who may find him or herself in the unfortunate circumstance of losing contact with a loved one. Thus, my family and I have no hesitancy whatsoever about continuing to use his services, as we move into the next phase of the investigation. Thank you again for the referral and for providing a much needed public resource service. God Bless! "
Andrea, sister of victim searching for nephew


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