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Lauth Missing Persons Investigations welcomes you. Our founder conducts missing persons investigations in the disappearance of missing children and missing adults, including referral cases from the National Missing Children’s Organization (NMCO) and the National Center for Missing Adults (NMCA). (see our reference letter) We're here to assist you to answer questions in the services offered in regards to kidnappings, runaways,  and adult disappearances. Refer to our missing people Case Profiles to better help you define your 'Missing Person' situation.

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Missing Persons Facts and Tips

This is the Tips and Facts page of Lauth Missing Persons. Here you will find information related to the handling of a missing children, or  missing adults case. In addition, this information can serve to help you better understand and identify the characteristics, state of mind and predisposition of adults or children who go missing. This data can serve as a resource to protect vulnerable loved ones who might be prone to go missing as well as serve to assist you in the process that Lauth Missing Persons utilizes to locate missing children, find missing adults, and recover runaway teenagers. Here you will also find statistics on runaways, missing adults, kidnapped victims, and abducted children in the United States.


1. Results. Success can be measured in various ways. For example, leads and ongoing client consultations are important to the continued successes of the case.

2. Time. If the case results in Phase II, please give the investigation ample time.

3. Fees. Once the investigation begins, the initial retainer is non-refundable. Payment plans are open for discussion.

4. Letter to Loved One. If the loved one is missing by their own accord, I suggest to the family that they write a letter or other form of communication, so that when your loved one is located, I can begin communication with this letter.

5. Reduction Time. If you suspect foul play or your loved one is vulnerable because of a mental illness, abusive lover, kidnapped, or involved with a pimp, sex trade, cult, or any other mind-controlling situation, it is of vital importance to act as quickly as possible.

6. Overseas. I conduct investigations worldwide, but the case begins in my office with extensive research and communication with my client (see further information with Phase I investigation summary).

7. We locate or find missing loved ones. We do not use extraction teams. However, in cases with young girls with pimps, law enforcement and myself would be involved, and depending on the situation, so might the parents. We do relocate in cases of danger.

8. No Guaranteed Success. For your family, I will work as aggressively and efficiently as possible, unfortunately we cannot guarantee results.


The reality for runaways in the United States:

  • 1.3 million runaways are on the streets of the United States every day.
  • 1 out of 7 of those on the streets are between the ages of 10-18.
  • 77% of those on the streets are female.
  • 200 children run away everyday (many of these cases can be solved within hours).

The reality for missing adults in the United States:

  • There has NEVER been a study conducted regarding adult disappearances.
  • Mentally disabled, including Alzheimer and schizophrenia victims, frequently wander and are at a high risk of victimization.

Circumstances of a loved ones disappearance, both adults and children, are referred to as “at risk” when there is evidence or suspicion of a physical disability, diminished mental capacity, or foul play.

Based on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's NCIC database there were 841,276 missing persons reports in 2001. Of those reports 642,701 were juveniles and 198,575 of those were adults. Of the missing adults, 106,980 were male and 91,685 were female.

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