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Lauth Missing Persons Investigations welcomes you. Our founder conducts missing persons investigations in the disappearance of missing children and missing adults, including referral cases from the National Missing Children’s Organization (NMCO) and the National Center for Missing Adults (NMCA). (see our reference letter) We're here to assist you to answer questions in the services offered in regards to kidnappings, runaways,  and adult disappearances. Refer to our missing people Case Profiles to better help you define your 'Missing Person' situation.

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Missing Persons Investigations Process; Investigator Thomas Lauth.
The following is a step by step description of the investigation process in regards to a Missing Person Case Scenario. This process is designed to gather all pertinent information as quickly as possible to assist us in reuniting our clients with their missing relatives.


Client is required to send necessary documents: police reports, chronology of circumstances of disappearance, background history or short biography of missing person to include all the items on the Missing Persons Data Sheet that will be faxed, emailed or completed via telephone questionnaire.
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Once information is received from client the following is conducted:

  • Review client information and conduct biographical analysis. I will attempt to identify if the subject is missing because of foul play, or having disappeared and possibly on the streets homeless or delusional, a victim of domestic abuse, mental illness, drug addiction, or alcoholism. In cases where there are suspicions of foul play it is imperative that the intervention be expedient.
  • Analyze geographical areas of interest based on urban or rural demographics.
  • Develop logistics for physical search site. I will develop integrating zone fields to include area buildings, community interest points and areas conducive to the missing persons last two weeks of behavior, psychological demeanor at time of disappearance, and psychological profile from teen years to present. Any medical and psychological records are to be provided by client. Further, this search will provide a basis for flyer distribution in these areas to develop public awareness for their assistance.
  • Flyer Creation. Work with graphics designer to develop a flyer substantially more engaging to the public eye by using various photos provided by the client and list of identifiers for noting physical build, eye color, hair etc.
  • Family Consultations. Continue ongoing family discussion about the case in attempt to gain continued knowledge of the missing. Also, talk with local police to determine their assistance or involvement in the case.
  • Create Missing Person Comprehensive Data Sheet. This data will assist in the field investigation by compiling and detailing the missing person’s identifying data, a tracing sheet of attachments to include personal information including financial, legal, medical, community, education and employment, vehicle and driver information, utilities, and communications.
  • Cost Estimate. Based on the information given I will create a cost estimate to include expenses and labor for the Phase 2 investigation. This will include labor, expenses such as hotel, vehicle, meals, and flight to the focused area derived from the Phase 1 investigation.


Phase 2 Investigation Is The Travel Phase.

This phase is required to investigate further if the facts of PHASE 1 investigation uncover leads to requiring travel to re-establish communication.

For Example. If the subject is missing from circumstances arising from Foul Play, Mental Illness, or Homelessness then this phase is required for further investigation.

However If after phase 1 is completed and the investigation uncovers a confirmed and specific address, then the client may choose to proceed with a phase 2 investigation. The client may want Mr. Lauth to travel to this location for an intervention to generate the recommunication between the client and the missing relative.

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