The following information is meant to answer many of the questions you might have before selecting a private investigator to assist you with your missing person case.

What is the success rate of locating a missing loved one?

Families often are curious of the success rate of my previous missing person cases and findings. While my success rate is approximately 85%, this is merely a generality of my success rate in 20 years of working with families.

How long does it take to investigate and finalize a missing persons case?Phase One can be completed within 24-72 hours.  Phase Two minimum 5 days-25 days.

How do you determine if you will take the case?Acceptance of the case shall be determined by our initial telephone conversation and a short chronology prepared by the prospective client. Cases will only be accepted if the risk factors mentioned previously are involved in the actual disappearance, and there is an active missing persons police report.

What are your travel parameters?I have no travel parameters, as in 20 years many of my cases have been overseas as well as centrally located in the United States.

What are your rates?

At the initial phone conversation I will typically discuss objectives of the families case and investigative rate. The rate is currently are broken down into two phases of the investigation. In summary, Phase One is an $950.00 Flat Fee and Phase Two based on location of travel plus expenses.

PHASE ONE INVESTIGATION may include the following:Review of client information and current evidence derived from the police and client; the acquisition and reviewing of personal records of the subject missing person; completion and review missing persons biographical analysis; telephone interviews and client communication. Phase One: $950.00 Flat Fee.

PHASE TWO INVESTIGATION if necessary involves the following:Meetings with the immediate family and relatives, liaison with media, social media experts and community awareness; theory analysis; create and establish a network of field assistance from various organizations; including comprehensive field interviews; intensive field interviews and logistical searches in pre-zoned areas created in phase one. Following completion of phase one, a detailed a comprehensive cost estimate will be established for Phase two travel and labor costs.
Please call for details.