Our Return Assets and Heir Search Divisions are dedicated to proving lineage and proving your rite of ownership to lost assets.

Thomas Lauth CEO of Missing persons

Thomas Lauth


Thomas Lauth founded Lauth Investigations International (LII) in 1995 in Indianapolis, IN. With branch offices throughout the United State, Lauth and his team of private investigators work with corporations, attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement, and the public on cases that vary from comprehensive due diligence, background investigations, intelligence gathering, asset searches, child custody, child endangerment, as well as missing person and homicide cases. Thomas Lauth is considered an expert in missing persons by national media and has appeared in publications like Essence Magazine, USA Today, Los Angeles Daily News, San Diego Tribune, New Times and more.


Rain Lauth COO of Lauth Missing Persons

Rain Lauth


Rain joined Lauth investigations in 2008 and specializes in locating missing heirs, recovering lost assets, background checks, assets search, and financial analysis for individuals and corporations.

Rain Lauth is a former Industrial Engineer with 7 years experience in Production Planning, Optimizing & Balancing, Material Selection, Analysis,and Operations Management. Self-motivated and a quick learner with attention to detail, Rain has transformed her skill set to help grow the Lost Assets Division of Lauth Investigations and expand business into CO, AZ, IA, and FL.

Christie Hass of Lauth Missing persons

Christie Hass

Executive Vice President

Prior to joining Lauth Investigations, Ms. Haas was the principal at Haas Consulting, LLC which provided business development, management and operations consulting to its clients. She co-founded Luca Technologies, Inc., an Energy Biotechnology company serving as its Vice President and Corporate Secretary from 2001 through 2011. Ms. Haas was the primary driver in the development and oversight of Luca’s initial scientific discoveries which effectively set the stage for the creation and development of the company in 2001. She has managed the functional areas of human resources, accounting, corporate communications, information systems, investor relations, corporate governance, legal, public relations, and marketing of multiple companies over her career. She entered the oil and gas industry in 1997 when she joined Preston, Reynolds & Co., Inc. Prior to joining Preston, Reynolds & Co., Inc. Ms. Haas was involved with the development of several businesses in the recruiting, travel and private investment industries.

Michelle Gray of Lauth Missing Persons

Michelle Gray

Chief Business Development Partner

From her time working on her first business venture in Cleveland, Ohio, she brings 12 years of solid understanding to the Heir Search Industry. She is a trusted partner who has developed the expertise and credentials that are essential to Lauth Investigations International, Inc., and specifically to heirs. She does this through learning and working with probate application, creating, and implementing new processes and procedures for consistency and completeness. Her business savviness has led her to work exclusively with startup companies, development, and operations in a wide range of fields for privately owned companies, and now finds herself with Lauth.


Investigation Team

Corporate Support Functions Team