Ohio woman found safe after disappearing while out on a walk

Ohio woman found safe after disappearing while out on a walk

Ohio investigators were embroiled for weeks this June in a search for a 23-year-old Loveland woman who never came back from a walk. According to police, Alicia Kenny was listed as a critically missing person, indicating that investigators believe her to be in danger.  

According to Alicia’s family, she is a creative sort who often goes on walks to draw or write in the area’s local parks. Alicia’s mother, Marcy Kenny, told WLWT that the unanswered questions in her daughter’s disappearance were troubling, “It’s just really hard to think about what could happen. She’s just gone.” Prior to her being reported missing, Alicia’s backpack was discovered by a delivery driver in a subdivision in Loveland. The delivery driver turned the backpack over to the police who then returned it to Kenny’s home where she lived with her grandparents. “And that’s when everybody realized she wasn’t there, that when she left on Saturday night, she had never come home,” said Kenny. “In the backpack was her phone, her ID, her wallet, everything.”  

The fact that Alicia Kenny was not in possession of her most important personal belongings has only heightened the anxiety for her family. Among the belongings in her backpack was also Alicia’s personal Bible, which her family insists she would never have discarded. “All she has is literally the clothes on her back. Without that backpack, she has absolutely nothing. And honestly…we can’t think of any scenario where she would have put the backpack down and walked away willingly,” claimed Marcy Kenny.  

However, in a rare happy ending to a missing person search, police confirmed that they had found Alicia Kenny safe following her disappearance with the explanation that the 23-year-old just needed “a couple days to clear her head.” According to the statement from police, “Alicia Kenny was found this afternoon safe and unharmed and is currently in the care of her family members.”  

Silver Alert issued for missing Indiana teen last seen in Scottsburg

Silver Alert issued for missing Indiana teen last seen in Scottsburg

missing Indiana teen

The family of a missing Indiana teen is wringing their hands this week after a search was launched for sixteen-year-old Marley Richie, who was last seen in Scottsburg on Saturday night, June 25, 2022 about 85 miles south of Indianapolis. The search has been launched nationwide in search of Marley’s whereabouts, and a Silver Alert has been issued as authorities believe Marley to be in danger.  

Marley was last seen around 9:30 PM on Saturday night in Scottsburg, Indiana, wearing a white tank top and blue checkered pajama pants. According to Sheriff Jerry Goodin’s Facebook post on Sunday, June 26, “Please, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Marley Richie, I plead for you to give us a call so we can bring her home. Marley, if you see this release, please reach out to us or any law enforcement agency so we can help you and your family. Our primary goal is to see you home, nothing else.” Goodwin’s office has stated that a nationwide search for Marley will continue until she is found. The Silver Alert issued for the missing Indiana teen was attributed in the post to the point that investigators have “reason to believe Marley Richie is in extreme danger and may require medical assistance.” Silver alerts are commonly reserved for missing adults and children whom law enforcement believe to be in danger. Until this past year, Silver Alerts were only issued for endangered adults, but standards were revised to include children in this category.  

Marley Richie is described as standing 5’4” tall, weighing approximately 135 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. If you have any information on Marley Richie, contact the Scott County Sheriff’s Department at 812-752-550 or call 911. Sheriff Jerry Goodin has advised that everyone who calls in with information may remain anonymous.  

Lina Sardar Khil still missing six months after vanishing from San Antonio park

Lina Sardar Khil still missing six months after vanishing from San Antonio park

Lina Sardar Khil

San Antonio Police are no closer to finding 4 year-old Lina Sardar Khil, an adorable little girl who vanished from a park near her family’s home at the Villa Del Cabo apartment complex six months ago. She was last seen on December 20, 2021 at the park in the 9400 block of Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio in the late afternoon between 4:30 PM and 5:10 PM according to San Antonio Police. She left her mother’s sight for an undetermined amount of time before her disappearance was realized.  

The case has changed hands from the missing person’s unit of San Antonio’s police department to the special victim’s unit over the course of those six months in order to allocate resources for the case that are typically reserved for abduction cases—not missing person cases. “We still don’t have any evidence or proof it was an abduction,” said Police Chief William McManus said in an interview. “It’s kind of a hybrid missing person and abduction…If there were video, if there were any kind of evidence of an abduction, we would have classified it as an abduction. But since we don’t have that, we can’t classify it as an abduction. ” The FBI has also joined the search for Lina Sardar Khil.  

While police continue to pull resources into the case in pursuit of answers, there is still a family missing Lina every day, and feeling her absence in their lives. “Her light is missing from her family and community,” said Pamela Allen, a representative of the Khil family, “Our continuous prayer is that she will be back in the arms of those that love her.” Lina’s family is part of the Afghan community in San Antonio, Texas, having come to the U.S. back in 2019.  

Little Lina has brown eyes, straight brown hair, and was last seen wearing a black jacket, red dress, and black shoes according to police.  

Ezra Miller Continues to Evade Authorities Amid Grooming Allegations

Ezra Miller Continues to Evade Authorities Amid Grooming Allegations

Ezra Miller

In recent weeks, missing person news has been punctuated with articles on non-binary actor, Ezra Miller, who has garnered a great deal negative press after a pattern of erratic behavior and violent outbursts. On a spectrum of behaviors that range from problematic to criminal in nature, one of the most disturbing allegations against Miller is that they have been engaging in grooming behavior with multiple minors. Now, as authorities attempt to force Miller to answer for their crimes, they remain on the run from accountability, along with one of their alleged victims, Gibson Iron Eyes, 18, who is also non-binary. Iron Eyes first met Miller when they were just 12 years old at a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016.  

Ezra Miller has been getting a steady stream of bad press since early 2020, when they were captured on video choking a woman and throwing her to the ground at a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. Since then, the series of violent outbursts and problematic conduct have formed a downward spiral for the We Have to Talk About Kevin actor. Warner Bros. just announced that they will be “hitting pause” on all upcoming projects featuring Miller in the role of Barry Allen aka The Flash, and more fans continue to flee the Ezra Miller camp as a second victim of their alleged grooming behavior has come forward with their mother.  

On June 16, The Daily Beast published a report with the aforementioned second victim on the condition that the identity of the victim and their mother were protected. The report stated that this child and their mother had been granted a temporary harassment prevention order against Miller on the basis that the actor behaved menacingly towards the family and behaved inappropriately with the minor child. According to the neighbor, during one of these incidents, Miller was dressed for the possibility of violence, “[Miller] was wearing a bulletproof vest—and I had no idea until later that they were armed.” According to the neighbor, the events turned sour once Miller accused the child’s mother of cultural appropriation for referring to her friends as her “tribe.” The neighbor, believing Miller to be intoxicated in some way then saw Miller open up their jacket to brandish a firearm, “They opened up their jacket—they had this, like, big gun, and they said ‘Talking like that could get you into a really series situation. The mother, the child, and their neighbor, also added that Miller invited the mother to drink their blood because of her goth manner of dress.  

Ezra Miller remains missing as authorities continue the search for the Flash actor. Miller shut down their Instagram account after posting memes that appeared to taunt authorities for failing to serve them. Gibson Iron Eyes’ family maintains that their child is in danger while in the company of Miller. Iron Eyes has released a statement on their Instagram denouncing these claims, “I’d like to say that it’s nobody’s business and that no one is owed a story or an outcome…This is my life, these are my decisions, and I’m disappointed in my parents and the press in every way. Thank you.”  

Have you seen Timothy Perez? Texas man believed to be “missing voluntarily” by Round Rock police.

Have you seen Timothy Perez? Texas man believed to be “missing voluntarily” by Round Rock police.

timothy perez

For over three months, the parents of Timothy Perez have been making the same drive across Texas in search of their missing son. Robert and Sandra Perez make the drive every few days from Conroe to Austin in search of clues pertaining to Timothy’s disappearance. Timothy, 32, was last seen in the Houston area on March 5 before driving to Austin to visit his brother. His parents have been looking for him ever since.  

Robert and Sandra have been canvassing homeless shelters and food pantries across the state of Texas under the theory that Timothy may have become lost and disoriented on his way to visit his brother in Austin “We’re going to homeless shelters and any food places where they give food out. My son is not a homeless person. He doesn’t know that environment. But hopefully his instinct kicks in and he’ll go get something to eat,” Robert told KXAN Austin. When Timothy never connected with his brother in Austin, his family filed a missing person report with the Austin Police. Austin Police stated that they found Timothy’s car stranded along Interstate-35 near Parmer in North Austin, but there were no traces of Timothy.    

As they criss-cross the state of Texas on the four-hour drive, Robert and Sandra are always meeting and speaking with new people, and posting flyers in hopes that someone out there will recognize their son and call the number with information—especially locals since they are not familiar with the area. “You know, we just need eyes out there, something you know? Where did he go? He was here in Round Rock.” 

At the time of his disappearance, Timothy Perez was experiencing some depression brought on by the pandemic. He was last seen at St. William’s Catholic Church in Round Rock when Round Rock Police responded to a call for a welfare check regarding a man in the area. Police spoke with the man, who refused to identify himself. Days later, it was confirmed that it was in fact Timothy Perez. “We believe he is voluntarily missing based on our officer’s interaction with him—in which it was determined he was not in danger, was not a danger to others, was not committing a crime—and based on the subsequent investigation. We do not know his current whereabouts or status. Round Rock was one location in which he was spotted, but we have no indication he is still on Round Rock.”  

Timothy’s family is working with Texas EquuSearch and hired a private investigator to help with the investigation. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Timothy Perez, call 512-844-7933 or Texas EquuSearch at 281-309-9500.    

Indigenous woman still missing following plan to enter treatment

Indigenous woman still missing following plan to enter treatment

aidan spear

Aidan Spear, a 21-year-old Indigenous woman, was reported missing on February 22, 2022. She stands at 5’6”, weighs approximately 120lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes. Detectives currently believe she may be somewhere in the Hosmer St. area of Tacoma, Washington.

Among many friends in loved ones, one of the people praying earnestly for Aidan’s safe return is her mother, Jessica Brown, who describes her as “…one of the kindest people you would ever meet.” Aidan is Jessica’s first and only daughter, who displayed a propensity for hard work and a deep love for her family and friends, especially her little brother. She was also involved in extra-curricular activities, such as being a part of her school’s swim team.

According to Jessica, Aidan began to develop substance abuse and mental health issues in high school, but Jessica continued to support and stand by her daughter every step of the way, taking her to see doctors who claimed they could not give a clear answer for how to proceed with treatment. Aidan has been houseless for four years, but Jessica has continued to support her daughter, and maintained regular contact with her during that time.

In January, there was an improvement in Aidan’s prognosis as she was getting ready to enter a rehabilitation center. Jessica felt as if there was good chance that her daughter would finally get the help she needed. However, on January 21, when she and Aidan were supposed to meet prior to entering the center, that tender hope quickly began to fade. Aidan claimed that before entering the center, she wanted to say goodbye to someone, reassuring her mother, “I’m still going to go, I’m really serious about this, but I have to say goodbye to them so I’m going to be a little late.” That was the last time Jessica heard from her daughter  

That was four months ago, which Jessica says is the longest she’s ever gone without speaking to her daughter, even during her period of houselessness. Despite the outcry for help in locating her missing daughter, Jessica has reported instances of cruel people online who have dismissed her child’s disappearance, “She’s just another addict to them…I need people to know that she’s not. They’re not just another addict, like—somebody loves them. They’re someone’s whole world.”

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating Aidan’s disappearance, but Jessica wishes to raise money to fund an independent investigation into her daughter’s disappearance to increase the chances of her being found. Anyone with any information on the current whereabouts of Aidan Spear are encouraged to call the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department at 253-798-7530.